Sunday, December 28, 2008

A review

Its been ages since i have visited my blog. I was just reading the last post and i felt like laughing. It was me last year who said all that, and its me this year who is laughing at that guy who existed then.

That play did well. Infact one of my best so far. We did repeats of the same play in July at Rangashankara, yes, they somehow opened up their hearts and gave me 5 days to perform. And quickly shut the doors again. On the play end, very satisfied that i could make a play like that. Play was called 'The Woman in Me' . Link to the pics -

The movie Inthi Ninna Preethiya released in Feb. It was a good attempt but becoz of some flaws in the screenplay and the story, It didnt hold the interest of the general public. However my performance was noticed and appreciated. And i was quite happy to see MESELF on the big screen. This is how i looked -

A very not so prominent role in MR. Gargasa happened. Wasn't looking forward for that. But some people saw it.

The good thing about 2008 is YOGRAJ BHAT. my meeting with him was a coincidence. However, since March 2008 till date, I have been working with him. Lot of learning has happened and there is more to learn. I was part of writing the script for the movie Lagori. Its yet to be shot. Now we are working on another script. It is this man who has kept me busy the whole of 2008.

CIRCUS, i have acted in this movie. Fun experience. movie is releasing on Jan 15th... Lets see what comes out.Here is a song from the movie, and yes it me dancing in there :)

There is lot more i could share, but very sleepy. Hopefully I will visit this page regularly this year and do some interesting updates. Though i know it makes no difference whatsoever, Nobody reads them!!

So lots more later!....