Saturday, November 10, 2007

To make the Blog look nice and clean

Well... I just added all movie collection list and also the you tube link to all the movie I have made. And I guess I have to do some changes to those codes coz they seem to be taking more space than it should. I dont feel like doing that. I dont want to go there and make some changes to those codes and do all the trial and error. Instead I thought let me just add a new post and push this stuff down!

So what do I say? I am writing a new play :) So I am kind of very excited about that. Its coming out nice but its been quite a challenge to write that. I hope the show be as good as it appears to be in my head. I will be performing these shows on Dec 14 n 15ht at Alliance. SO do come. :)

What else!!!! I am also dubbing for the film. So I finally got to see parts of it. Its come out quite nice. I am looking forward for the release. I am sure all those of you who know me will roll on the floor laughing!!! My Kannada is kind of funny .. So its been a lot of entertainment for the recoding guys at the studio.

And I have teamed up with a few people and making ACTor Productions a lil bigger than it was. Soon there will be a dedicated website to tell you more. But the plan is to get into Movie making and corporate films et al.

Loads of plans for 2008. Hope I am still breathing!


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